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Body Care

- pH balanced formula: enriched with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oils - Provides deep moisturising and lasting protection - Uses natural fragrances and ingredients - Suitable to use on sensitive skin
Designed for David Zabriskie "DZ" to provide a better chamois cream in order to log more training miles while preventing saddle sores. - Plant-derived and made from all-natural ingredients - Tea tree oil offers anti-fungal and antibacterial properties - Evodia offers an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent to fight saddle sores - Designed for David Zabriskie - Preservative and Paraben free
Made with only the highest quality ingredients, and is suitable for anti-chafing protection in all sports. The vegan formula is constructed with all natural ingredients derived entirely from plants, and is petroleum and paraben-free. Organic Aloe Vera and other natural skin conditioners and antibacterial agents protect your skin, while soy sterols soothe and repair broken and irritated skin cells. Betwixt protects your skin so that you can focus on the ride. - High viscosity, long lasting performance - Improves comfort - Non-staining and easily washes out of clothing - Suitable for men and women
Luxury Chamois Cream creates a friction-reducing barrier against saddle sores and chafing caused by cycling, triathlon, running or any endurance sport. - Specially formulated to keep cyclists and other endurance athletes comfortable and performing at their peak - Provitamin moisturizers create long-lasting hydrated skin feeling - Long-lasting formula works in extreme conditions and has a mild cooling function - Enriched with natural Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil - Does not contain any materials that are prohibited by WADA and is free from parabens and formaldehyde
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